Hola, Mona! To commentate, to create, it’s a state!

Hola Mona NFT

Almost overnight, the monkeys have taken control of social media. In this Planet of the Apes scenario come to life, profile pictures have morphed, fortunes have been made and lost (most recently via a rug pull) and still, the world wants more.

We’re here to give you what you want (what you really really want) but with a side of spicy commentary and a genuine fine art finish you can admire as you swish your wine glass like the esteemed collector you are.

Whether you’re a traditional art collector jumping on the simian-scene for the first time, or you’re an avid ape-acquirer with an enviable PFP collection, Hola Mona has something just for you. You get a winsome combination of a decorated artist’s artwork in the background, and the most parodied, most visited icon of the traditional fine art world in the foreground, with a cheeky nod to what modern NFT collectors are going absolutely bananas for. Which one do you see more value in?

Hola Mona is a collection of 1,503 generated NFTs with original source material created by award winning fine artists. These unique digital collectibles have their proof of ownership on the Solana blockchain.

Each Hola Mona is a one-of-a-kind combination of a digital background, a mask or headgear, hair colour, robe design and make up or body art randomly generated from a number of possible traits, all created by classically trained fine artists. Who are these fine artists? All will be revealed after the collection sells out.

Spot the easter eggs as you mint your Hola Mona — we’ve studded this piece with references from art history, pop culture and everything in between. The collection goes live on 18 February (is there an easter egg there, too?), so mark your calendars, position your tongue firmly in your cheek, and get in on a piece of international NFT monkey-mania, as seen through the eyes of traditional career artists.

Is this art? Is this social commentary? Is this a chapter in art history that is still being written? Find out more with us as the conversation continues on our Twitter and Discord channels.

-Audrey Lim

Website https://holamona.io/
Twitter https://twitter.com/HolaMonaNft
Discord https://discord.com/invite/Yh9jw4PW2v

This project is made with ❤️ by INSTINC x SHAPIENS.



Web3 digital artists collective.

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